Facebook Launches the App Center

Facebook has announced that it will be launching the App Center. The App Center has been created as a place for people to find social apps in one location. The service is being made available on the web as well as on Android and iOS devices.

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Mac OS X 10.7.4 Update Released

Apple has released a new update for Mac OS X. The new update brings the OS to version 10.7.4 and fixes a few bugs that have been lurking around the OS.

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Evernote for iOS Gets an Update

A new update for Evernote on iOS devices has rolled out. The new version brings several new features which mostly revolve around inputting data on the device. iPhone and iPod touch users see the most amount of changes, particularly in the note editor.

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iAd Developer Revenue Increased from 60 to 70 Percent

Apple [AAPL] has increased the percentage for the developer using iAds from 60 to 70 percent. The increase is an attempt to make the iAd service more popular than other options that are currently available.

The iAd network allows developers to embed code in to their apps so that banners (iAds) are displayed and when displayed a portion of revenue is given to that developer.

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iPhoto for iOS Sees 1 Million Downloads Since Launch

Apple now has 1 million unique users of its new iPhoto app for the iPad and iPhone. It took just 10 days to gain those users.

The number represents unique users and not the number of downloads which means it will have been downloaded a lot more than that due to people having multiple iOS devices.

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PlayStation Vita Can get AngryBirds Space – If Sony Want It

Rovio has commented more on what Angry Birds Space will be available on. At launch (22 March) it will be made available on Mac, PC, iOS and Android. After that it will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS. Rovio is also interested on making a version available on the PlayStation Vita although this may or may not happen.

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Apple to Close iWork Service on July 31 2012

Apple has announced that iWork.com will be closing on July 31 2012. When that date passes it will be no longer possible to log in and use the service. Any documents still in there will be gone.

Apple is now encouraging users to switch to iCloud. Full text below.

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New Apple TV Launches

Apple has launched the next gen Apple TV. The new device is very similar to the older Apple TV that was just retired other than a few bumps in specs.

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Windows 8 Embedded Preview Ready for Download

Microsoft Windows 8 Embedded is now available for download in preview form. The embedded version of Windows 8 allows developers to test a variety of devices such as smart Kiosks and other more specialised devices.

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Almost All US Apple Stores Sell Out of Apple TV

It appears that Apple may launch a new Apple TV tomorrow as previously expected. The reason this is more probable now is that all but two Apple stores in the US have now sold out of the Apple TV.

The version expected to launch is Apple TV 3 which is another set top style box as pictured below. Some rumours believe that Apple might be making a large TV with iOS built in but we think this will be later on this year or perhaps even next year.

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Android App Size Limit Changed from 50MB to 4GB

Google has increased the app size limit for apps from 50MB to 4GB. The move will allow developers to upload apps that are more than 50MB in size which would essentially allow for larger game apps, some of which can be over 1GB in size.

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview Sees 1M Downloads in First Day

Microsoft released a consumer preview of Windows 8 a few days ago. Within the first 24 hours the new preview had been downloaded over 1 million times.

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