PlayStation Vita Can get AngryBirds Space – If Sony Want It

Rovio has commented more on what Angry Birds Space will be available on. At launch (22 March) it will be made available on Mac, PC, iOS and Android. After that it will arrive on the Nintendo 3DS. Rovio is also interested on making a version available on the PlayStation Vita although this may or may not happen.

Angry Birds Space will arrive on the Vita if sales show the device selling well. Rovio commented:

“We’ll have our games on the 3DS pretty soon. The Vita we haven’t decided what to do about yet, but of course we want to be on all the screens, so let’s see how the Vita does in the market. And of course, always when working with these console guys it’s not that we can decide, it’s really if Sony wants to have Angry Birds on Vita. It’s more up to them than to us.”

The video below shows what Angry Birds Space is about and how it adds a unique edge to the game:


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