Android App Size Limit Changed from 50MB to 4GB

Google has increased the app size limit for apps from 50MB to 4GB. The move will allow developers to upload apps that are more than 50MB in size which would essentially allow for larger game apps, some of which can be over 1GB in size.

Although there are many apps currently available on Android that are over the 50MB limit, the way these work is by offering the app in the Android Market as a “shell”. When the app is paid for and installed you then have the ability to download the full version from within that app, thus bypassing the 50MB limit.

The problem that this caused meant that the refund policy for apps had already passed as the screen for that had been moved passed and the game download already started. By allowing the larger file size, developers will now be able to have up to 4GB app sizes in the market ready for download which in turn, can potentially allow refunds to happen when criteria is met.

Why the 4GB allowance has been selected we are not sure as apps generally are not that big (if at all), but as screen resolutions are increasing and games are devices are becoming more powerful, we can expect that games developers will push the limits more and reach that 4GB.

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