Almost All US Apple Stores Sell Out of Apple TV

It appears that Apple may launch a new Apple TV tomorrow as previously expected. The reason this is more probable now is that all but two Apple stores in the US have now sold out of the Apple TV.

The version expected to launch is Apple TV 3 which is another set top style box as pictured below. Some rumours believe that Apple might be making a large TV with iOS built in but we think this will be later on this year or perhaps even next year.

There are currently 246 US Apple stores who would normally stock the Apple TV (that’s ALL of them), but only two of those actually have the current version available. We expect an announcement tomorrow along side the iPad 3 that tells us Apple TV 3 is coming and that it has 1080p full HD capabilities and that Siri might also be supported. We can’t be sure of any of that but the stock shortages and rumoured features over the last few months certainly hint that this might be the case.


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