Evernote for iOS Gets an Update

A new update for Evernote on iOS devices has rolled out. The new version brings several new features which mostly revolve around inputting data on the device. iPhone and iPod touch users see the most amount of changes, particularly in the note editor.

THe first new feature is a new attachment bar which has been extended to include more functionality. Across the top bar there’s now the ability to add photos, make voice memos or access information about the current note such as date created and the location of it.

A new text styling popup has also been added allowing you to more easily select the formatting of the text such as creating section text or paragraphs. Also, the bold/italics/underline icons have been moved in to this section.

Note info has received a bit of a makeover and now provides more details about the individual notes you create or download.

Checkboxes have also been updated in the app. You now have the ability to easily add a checkbox or list of checkboxes to your notes by using the text styling input section.

Overall, a fairly decent update for iOS users and well worth updating.


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