Windows 8 Embedded Preview Ready for Download

Microsoft Windows 8 Embedded is now available for download in preview form. The embedded version of Windows 8 allows developers to test a variety of devices such as smart Kiosks and other more specialised devices.

The download is available now and is ideal for those who need to test till systems and other devices that are used differently to the average desktop computer.

Preview the next version of Windows Embedded Standard – a componentized version of Windows 8 with additional technologies that extend the power of Windows to Intelligent devices.

Windows Embedded Standard 8 enables OEMs to build differentiated devices that address the specialized needs of their enterprise customers.

Devices powered by Windows Embedded Standard 8 are the foundation for Intelligent Systems enabling new insights, productivity and opportunities to create lasting competitive advantage. We’re making it easier than ever for devices to extend enterprise business intelligence with improved device management, servicing and data connectivity.

The download is available over at Microsoft.


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