iAd Developer Revenue Increased from 60 to 70 Percent

Apple [AAPL] has increased the percentage for the developer using iAds from 60 to 70 percent. The increase is an attempt to make the iAd service more popular than other options that are currently available.

The iAd network allows developers to embed code in to their apps so that banners (iAds) are displayed and when displayed a portion of revenue is given to that developer.

To help get more iAds online, Apple also recently lowered the buy in rate down to $100,000 for those wanting to buy iAd space on iOS devices.

For developers not using iAds at the moment, it could be worth dipping in and out once in a while to see what Apple iAds can actually make for your app. With any ad network, it’s all a matter of testing to see which pay best.


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