BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Launches

RIM has just/finally launched a new operating system for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The long overdue update is now available and brings a number of new and most welcomed features to the tablet.

The new version is OS 2.0 and can be downloaded from Settings > Software Updates > Check for Updates. It’s an OTA update, so downloading and installing should be relatively a simple process.

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Amazon Kindle Could get a Colour 6inch eInk Screen

Some rumours are hinting that Amazon may have ordered a large amount of colour eInk screens. The source of information indicates that about 3 million screens per month might have been ordered and that the colour iInk screens will begin to ship in March. It is believed that these screens will be used in a new 6 inch Colour Kindle device.

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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Expected Mid-2012

Rumours are starting up today about the next iteration of the Amazon Kindle Fire. A launch date now hints that mid-2012 could be when the device begins to go on sale with shipping starting as early as May.

Two versions of the Kindle Fire 2 are expected to launch this year with the current 7 inch screen being carried over to the Fire 2 as well as a larger 9 inch model.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Accidentally Revealed

Samsung could be about to unveil a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. The Galaxy Note 10.1 is found on an invitation to an event at MWC later this month.

The wording on the invitation says: “Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.1…”. This of course could work well for those who like the idea of the Galaxy Note, but find it a little small for every day use. A larger tablet sized device with a Stylus could be ideal for some.

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iPad 3 Rumoured for a March 7 Announcement

A source is claiming that the iPad 3 will be announced on March 7. That date is a Wednesday this year which that particular day of the week falls in line with other product announcements by Apple. That week also falls inline with earlier reports just a few days ago from another source.

So, on March 7 this year we should hear more about the iPad 3 and perhaps be given a release date of the week after earliest.

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Amazon Kindle Touch Updated to 5.0.3 – Brings More Speed

The Amazon Kindle Touch had a problem when it was launched. The problem was that it is just a little slower than wanted. Amazon has finally responded by making a new update available which fixes the problem. The update is 5.0.3 and it is available now.

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Tablet Web Traffic Comparison Shows iPad Still in the Lead

The advertising network Chitika has compiled some results in to a graph. The graph gives a comparison on how the competition is doing when compared to the Apple iPad.

The data was collected from US and Canadian users of tablets and is based on hundreds of millions of display ads seen on each of those devices. Due to the market share of the iPad the competition looked quite flat. To help visualise the data more easily, Chitika set the bar at 100 iPad impressions and then plotted what the competition was seeing.

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UK Transformer Prime Users to Get Refund or Extended Warranty

For those who purchased an ASUS Transformer Prime in the UK, ASUS is now offering a full refund or an extension on the warranty due to the problems of the GPS found with the device.

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Transformer Prime GPS Fix Released

ASUS has released an update for the Transformer Prime. The update attempts to fix the GPS issues that some users have had with the new tablet. The update is available as a download from the ASUS website and brings the tablet up to version This update is also an Ice Cream Sandwich update.

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Motorola Xoom Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available

Motorola has begun rolling out the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, to Motorola Xoom users. The update at the moment is for WiFi models only and for those based in the US.

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New Firmware for Amazon Kindle Fire Launched – V. 6.2.2

Amazon has released a new update for the Kindle Fire that brings it up to version 6.2.2. The new version brings a new feature to the tablet but we should also warn here that it also breaks root for those who have rooted their new tablet.

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Transformer Prime Ice Cream Sandwich Could Be Rolling Out Early

A video posted online shows that Ice Cream Sandwich could already be landing on the Asus Transformer Prime. The Android 4.0 update was scheduled to be released this coming Thursday although the posted video shows a Transformer Prime running it now.

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