Transformer Prime GPS Fix Released

ASUS has released an update for the Transformer Prime. The update attempts to fix the GPS issues that some users have had with the new tablet. The update is available as a download from the ASUS website and brings the tablet up to version This update is also an Ice Cream Sandwich update.

As well as fixing the GPS issues, ASUS also breaks root on the device. This means that you’ll need to re-root your tablet if you want to install custom software etc…

ASUS has also provided another solution although you’ll need to wait till later this year for it and upgrade… making your Transformer Prime purchase kind of pointless if you go this route. The Transformer Prime has had a slight redesign which changes the rear-panel to be more GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth friendly. The new update is called the Transformer Prime 700 series and it will be made available later this year. We assume that most users will opt for the software fix rather than replacing hardware at their own expense. ie, this isn’t a real second solution.

Back to the update, Transformer Prime users can grab it from the ASUS support site. For those of you struggling to get that download, XDA developers forum has a post that has instructions of how to get the update, how to download it and how to install it on your Transformer Prime tablet.


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