Tablet Web Traffic Comparison Shows iPad Still in the Lead

The advertising network Chitika has compiled some results in to a graph. The graph gives a comparison on how the competition is doing when compared to the Apple iPad.

The data was collected from US and Canadian users of tablets and is based on hundreds of millions of display ads seen on each of those devices. Due to the market share of the iPad the competition looked quite flat. To help visualise the data more easily, Chitika set the bar at 100 iPad impressions and then plotted what the competition was seeing.

The other tablets compared are the relatively new Kindle Fire from Amazon, the BlackBerry PlayBook, the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy.

The second place went to Amazon who managed to display 2.4 impressions for every 100 iPad impressions. The PlayBook was next with 1.8impressions per 100 iPad impressions. It is believed this is high due to the sale of the PlayBook that happened just before Christmas. The remaining two devices were 1.6 and 1.55 impressions per 100 iPad impressions.

Although it is unlikely that a single device will knock the iPad off the top spot, a combination of several tablets running the same operating system might be capable of doing so.


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