Amazon Kindle Could get a Colour 6inch eInk Screen

Some rumours are hinting that Amazon may have ordered a large amount of colour eInk screens. The source of information indicates that about 3 million screens per month might have been ordered and that the colour iInk screens will begin to ship in March. It is believed that these screens will be used in a new 6 inch Colour Kindle device.

We doubt that the colour eInk screens will be related to the Kindle Fire 2 which then means that it will likely be used in a regular Kindle that has a slightly spruced up screen that is capable of a long batter life as well as the ability to be read in direct sun light.

Expect to hear more rumours and leaks about the said device over the coming months although we are unsure at the moment when Amazon will be updating the Kindle range of devices. They recently went through an update just a few months ago, so perhaps we’ll need to wait till later on this year for details.

Update: Other rumours now hint that this isn’t the case and that there isn’t time to create a Kindle Colour this year (other than a Kindle Fire 2 perhaps which doesn’t use an eInk screen.


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