Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Expected Mid-2012

Rumours are starting up today about the next iteration of the Amazon Kindle Fire. A launch date now hints that mid-2012 could be when the device begins to go on sale with shipping starting as early as May.

Two versions of the Kindle Fire 2 are expected to launch this year with the current 7 inch screen being carried over to the Fire 2 as well as a larger 9 inch model.

It appears that Amazon is also looking at building the device at a Foxconn factory to lower production costs. The current version of the device was produced by Quanta.

Technical specs are a bit of an unknown at the moment although we can speculate the obvious in that it will be slimmer, faster and have more RAM. Those are the obvious updates. As for pricing, Amazon could carry on with the little or no profit margin approach with the idea that content will make up for any losses. But, as they have done well with the first version it might put them in a position to get cheaper components and either boost profit margins or let them drop the price even further.

We’ll find out more throughout the course of the next few months.


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