LG RoboKing Robot Vacuum

LG-RoboKingLG have created a new robot vacuum cleaner called the LG RoboKing. The RoboKing is smaller than the previous model measuring just 90mm tall where as before the previous version was 130mm tall. This allows the vacuum to manoeuvre more easily under objects such as book cases and furniture.

As well as being shorter in height the vacuum has also got 13db quieter and now measures 50db when in use. The LG RoboKing has two cameras built in allowing it to more easily navigate around a room. Programming has also been improved it seems as the vacuum also works 30 percent quicker than previous models perhaps by cleaning a room more efficiently rather than randomly like before.

The LG RoboKing does have competition though as another robot vacuum was mentioned here just yesterday which also wants to take on iRobot’s Roomba. The other robot called Neato XV11 uses a 360 degree laser detection system to more accurately analyse a room and plan a trouble free route around the room. However, the Neato is quite loud although the creators say this is due to it having a more powerful vacuum inside.

Which ever you choose of the three, they all look to be good. I have used the Roomba 530 and was impressed by the results it gave. As for speed and sound, I think it will be a while before they can vacuum as quick as a human can with an upright, but as you don’t really need to lift a finger with a robot vacuum, who can complain at 45 – 60 minutes to clean a room?

It is expected that the LG RoboKing will be officially unveiled at CES 2010 in a few weeks.

Via: Coolest Gadgets


  1. i live in hyderabad, india and want to know if there are any dealers for the robot vacuum cleaner in india.

  2. i live in iran & it’s my dream to have one of these robots!
    please help me to get one.

  3. Robotic Vacuums says

    Vacuuming is one of those boring and thankless tasks. I say every house needs a robot vacuum.

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