Automated Robot Fish to Monitor the Oceans

robotic-fishBritish researchers have created some robotic fish that were designed to jump in to the see around Spain and monitor pollution levels in the waters. The robotic fish measure 1.5 meters in length and are fully automated.

The robot fish mimic how real fish move and will navigate around the oceans. Sensors are attached to the fish that can detect oil spills, mercury and other dangerous materials that could polute the waters. To pass the information back the fish is equipped with a wi-fi connection that keeps in in contact at all times. 5 of these fish will be deployed in Spain’s waters next year over at the port of Gijon. If they succesfully work and don’t break down etc… then they could start being used in various sea locations around the world.

The fish cost £20K each and aim to tackle the problem of stuff being intentionally dumped in to the sea.

Via: EcoGeek


  1. Nice fish! helps oceanology improve better. Helps us know about the ocean and creatures.

  2. cherish mckinney says

    i really wish yaw would put more info!

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