Solar Frightened Grasshopper

solar_frightened_grasshopperThis little tiny grasshopper is both robotic and solar powered. Stick it under a bright light or out in the sun and watch it dance!

solar_frightened_grasshopper_inuseAs soon as the little robotic solar grasshopper see’s light it starts jumping in a frenzy while it’s eyes and legs wiggle and the antennas sway around.

The Solar grasshopper comes in kit form and has been built to show people what alternative energy can do. It requires no batteries with it being solar powered and can be put together in minutes as the few parts that are needed just snap together.

Solar Frightened Grasshopper Features

* Robotic Grasshopper is very afraid of the sun
* Apply light to the solar cell on the back of the grasshopper for jumping vibrating movement
* Simple Assembly Required
* No batteries and tools required and less than ten parts to snap together.
* Assembled Size : 49mm x 26.8mm

The Solar Frightened Grasshopper is available from ThinkGeek and costs $9.99.


  1. good fun for kids. Gets them interested in solar energy from an early age as well which can only be good.

  2. cool

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