Roomba Art

Roomba-ArtRoomba Robot Vacuum cleaners normally have the job of cleaning the carpets of your home and then docking to charge ready for the next scheduled task of cleaning your carpet again. Well, that’s what I thought till I came across this funky flickr group who use long-exposure photography to capture their vacuums randomly roaming around their carpets.

It appears like LED’s are attached to the vacuum cleaners and small piles of dirt thrown on the carpet to create some unique imagery and circles. Check out the pictures below (after the jump).

I doubt the Neato vacuum cleaner could manage creating such nice images due to it’s more sophisticated approach to vacuuming a room.



Via: RobotVacuumCleaner and LikeCool


  1. Is this roomba programmed for these patterns or is it just REALLY bad at cleaning up “everything”. 😉

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