Windoro the Window Cleaner

In the past we’ve written about robots that mow your lawn or guard your house while you’re away. You’d think by now, in 2010, that some bright sparks could get something to clean your windows without you too…

Well now they have, for the South Korea Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics or ‘PIRO’ (as we’ll call them for the remainder of this post) has done just that and have brought us Windoro the window cleaner.

Windoro’s a pretty clever machine, it actually consists of two robots synced together by neodymium magnets (so Windoro actually cleans both sides of a window simultaneously). Quite cleverly Windoro uses water, detergent, and rotating pads to clean the glass while navigating with obstacle sensors.

One problem that has already been noted though is being able to use this little robot on at a larger scale i.e high rises… How would you attach the other piece onto the outside? Also, in the video we’ve included here, the robot seems quite noisy (so you may want to turn your volume down a little before playing).

But if its in the home you need it for then sticking on your rubber gloves and grabbing that bottle of window cleaner will be a thing of the past. Now we just need something to put my laundry away and take out the trash.


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