FretLight Video Player

fretlightThe FretLight Video Player is a gadget that helps you to learn how to play a real guitar. As the name suggests the frets light up on your guitar guiding you through various chords.

The guitar attaches to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. Videos are included with the guitar which teach you various chords by lighting up dots on the neck of the guitar. The software allows you to repeat on an A/B process allowing you to practice the same part time and time again till you get it right. Various DVD’s are available that are compatible with the guitar that teach you essential chords, bass notes, harmonic rhythm and a bunch of others that I personally don’t understand. Maybe I need to pick one up myself and learn 😉

For a demonstration of FretLight in use, check out the video here. More details about the guitar can be found over on the FretLight site.

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