Ultra-Thin Speakers

Some Ultra-thin speakers are being developed in the UK that will allow you to pretty much stick them to the wall. The speakers are both flat and flexible and originally were designed using tin foil and baking paper.

The are about the same size as a sheet of paper but rather then being made from the original foil and baking paper they are now made from layers of laminates.

These types of speakers could allow posters to talk so that they work as an audio poster at a bus stop for example. With them being flexible they can be installed pretty much anywhere such as the roof or dashboard of a car, around a corner or even stuck behind an object.

The whole face of the speaker moves sound evenly rather then pin pointing it like a speaker cone would. This provides a widespread sound according to the developers.

Steve Couchman, CEO of Warwick Audio Technology, the company that plans to sell FLL speakers later this year said, “The sound produced by FFLs can be directed straight at its intended audience. The sound, volume and quality does not deteriorate as it does in conventional speakers which means that public announcements in passenger terminals could be clearer, crisper and easier to hear.”

It will be interesting to see if this technology does take off as it looks rather handy as it gives the option of concealing your speakers if needed.

Via: DVice

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