Ecofriendly Wood Music iPod Dock

The Wood Music is an iPod Dock made of wood. It’s aim is to be ecofriendly and give a little change in your office or home. It is made of salvaged timber and has holes drilled in the sides to make way for speakers and other various electronics needed to make it work.

As with other iPod docks, the iPod sits in the docking station on top of the unit and you will find what appears to be 4 or so buttons on the front of the dock which I guess control volume, power etc…

No details on pricing or availability could be found at time of writing this.

Via: Fosfor and Here


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  2. my house 70% Made of wood … it is very interesting for me to have it ..should i buy it???but i dont know where i can get it…heheememmeeeemm 😉

  3. where can I buy this? and whats the price? I LOVE IT!

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