3rd Gen iPod Shuffle Dissected

ipod-shuffle-3-genApple recently announced the 3rd gen iPod shuffle and literally a day later iFixit managed to get their hands on one and dissect it.

The true volume (as in size) of the 3rd gen shuffle is 4326 cubic millimeters and it weighs just 10.7 grams. If you matched the weight of the 17″ MacBook Pro against the shuffle then you would need 286 of them. This shows how small and light it actually is. On to the dissection…

Taking apart the iPod was not too much of a challenge for iFixit as they have done a bunch before. The photo series starts off showing the iPod being split apart with a small tool and an iPod opening tool. Once inside they noted that there wasn’t much in the way of it being serviceable due to the small size and lack of parts. Inside there is an IC chip that has a CPU, RAM and 4GB of memory. A 3.7 volt battery was soldered to the board. Finally one last thing was found in there that was the headphone jack.


Take a look at the full series of photos on iFixit and some other technical details such as battery capacity.

Via: SlashGear


  1. Charlie Flowers says

    Those are some teeny-tiny components for sure!

  2. Screen Sleuth says

    Amazing how small it is! I’m not old really, and I remember 10 MB hard drives the size of suitcases. Now they have 4GB drives that play music smaller than cigarette lighter. Sexy form factor, but…no buttons on the device…bad.

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