Samsung Galaxy S PMP Spotted

Samsung look set to launch a Samsung Galaxy S PMP. The new device will be called the YP-MB2 and will be similar in how the iPhone and iPod touch are different in that it will be a Galaxy S without the cell phone functions inside.

As well as lacking cellular connectivity, the YP-MB2 also has a lower resolution camera at 3 megapixels. What it will have is an Android based OS and a 1GHz CPU. The screen will still be 4 inches and be Super AMOLED. For connectivity it will have Wireless and Bluetooth.

Apparently the launch of the Galaxy S PMP is imminent over in South Korea with some users already reported as receiving them.

It is unclear at the moment if Samsung will launch it over in Europe and the US. Perhaps they will though considering the Galaxy S as a smartphone is selling very well, perhaps it’s time to tackle the PMP market.

Via: Samsung Hub

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