Ematic MP3 Video Player with Digital Camera

ematic-4gb-video-mp3-playerThe Ematic 4GB Video MP3 player allows you to watch movies, listen to music and capture photos and video with it’s built in camera. [Read more…]

iCap MP3 Player Hat

icapThe iCap is an MP3 player that attaches to your hat. It has a 1GB storage capacity and supports an SD card up to 8GB providing plenty of storage for your music. [Read more…]

Win a Bluetooth Sony Walkman at CG

sony-nwz-a820Coolest Gadgets are running a competition to give away a brand new NWZ-A829 Sony Walkman in the next few days. You have till May 7th to answer 3 fairly simple questions about the device for your chance to win. [Read more…]

iPod in Disguise

iPod Walkman
The iPod can be a much desired item for the thief. They stand out with their white ear phones and wires and occasionally make for an easy target.

This iPod disguise hides the iPod in an old Sony Walkman from back in the 80’s. The cassette that can be seen through the clear plastic on the front is also fake which makes it look even more real.

iPod Walkman Tape

iPod Walkman Open

For more pictures check out sirljohns’ photostream on Flikr.

Philips GoGear MP3 Player

GoGear is made by Philips. The latest MP3 player with this brand is the SA2845 which is due out the first quarter of this year. They have a relatively low price of $29 – $49 and the player is very compact and looks rather cool. It has an OLED display, USB 2.0 connectivity and an FM tuner built in. On the storage side there is sufficient too with it having 4GB built in which is enough for a good amount of albums to be stored.

Via: Funponsel

MP3 Voice Recorder Hat

Voice Recorder Hat
When you wear this hat you have full MP3 listening capabilities as well as the ability to record conversations from “apparently” 35 feet away. In all honesty, would anybody be caught dead in the hat? Although I must admit it’s a unique idea, I still don’t fully see a need for it.

On the technical size the cam comes in 5 variations from 256MB to 4GB and the microphone can record 128kbps.

Product Page Via: 7Gadgets

Timex iPod Remote Control – The Ironman

The Ironman iControl is an iPod remote control which connects direct you various iPod’s and the iPhone (We assume the iPod Touch also). It allows you to control your iPod while running with out having to move your head to look at the iPod on your arm. It works by plugging in a small wireless device in to the iPod which then allows it to be controlled by the watch. Nice idea! It costs about $80 from Amazon.

Ironman iControl Compatibility:

* iPod 5th generation (video)
* iPod Nano 2nd generation (aluminium) 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB
* iPod 5th generation (video) 60GB and 80GB
* iPod Nano 1st generation 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
* iPhone

Product Page Via: Gopaultech

Thompson F2 PMP

Thompson has launched the F2 PMP (Portable Media Player) which supports MP3, WMA, AMV as well as E-Book formats and images. The screen measures 1.8 inches (LCD) and has bright and normal modes for the times you want to conserve battery life. There is also a microphone in there and a number of games which can be played. Multi tasking is also available which allows you to read an E-Book while listening to music at the same time. 7 EQ modes are available to adjust sound to your liking.

Connection to the PC is provided via USB 2.0 which allows music, video, images and books to be transferred quickly to it’s 1Gb of built in memory. Costing $62 it’s not a bad price at all for the little player.



Product Page Via: TodayGadgets

The Best Digital Voice Recorder

Digital Voice Recorder
What makes this Digital Voice Recorder “the best”? According to Hammacher, this digital voice recorder gives superior playback clarity at distance. Testing of this digital voice recorder was done at 20 feet away from a source and proved to have better sound clarity then any others that were tested along side. It achieves this with a variable control voice actuator which can set the correct volume level to record at.

record voices without obscuring Ps, Bs, and Ss up to 40′ away, 10′ more than the nearest tested model. The recorder is easy to set up for initial recording a nd its built-in 256MB memory allows it to record up to 66 1/2 hours in LP mode.

It connects to a PC via USB allowing you to transfer the audio easily. Powered by AA batteries it can record up to 32 hours before needing a recharge.

Product Page $169.95

Swiss Beat MP3 Player

When you think of a Swiss Army knife you often are reminded of a knife with blades, scissors and occasionally a laser pointer built in. The Swiss Beat MP3 player is their next attempt at making a really cool knife/MP3 player. It comes with a built in MP3 player housed in an aluminium case with a high quality 3 line LCD display. Also a handy feature is the scissors that come attached which make opening CD cases a lot easier when they are sealed up.

* Removable USB flash-based MP3 player with 1GB capacity
* Stereo FM radio with recording capability, 15 station presets
* Digital voice recorder with built-in microphone (MP3 format)
* 6 Equalizer modes
* Quality earphones with adjustable neck strap and anti-dangling mechanism
* Remote control with 2 earphone jacks and hold switch
* Plug and Play – no software required
* Utility CD and quick install guide
* Adjustable arm strap and belt clip
* Line-in cable to record from external sources
* Integrated rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
* Supports MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis formats
* High speed USB 2.0
* 2″ blade, mini scissors, nail file with nail cleaner
* Dimensions: 2.9″ x .8″ x .9″ (7.4 x 2 x 2.3 cm)
* Warranty on tools (Lifetime) and electronics (2 years)
* View the User manual

Available from ThinkGeek for $149.99

Thodio iBox Dock

thodio iPod Amp
iPod docks are everywhere on the market. However, I believe that none look as good as the Thodio iBox which comes from Amsterdam. It was created a couple of years back and each case is handcrafted from 15mm of beech, oak, teak, zebrano or mahogany. Inside the box you will find a battery which can keep the dock pumping out music for 15 hours on one charge. This does away with the need of carrying cables around. The sound is produced by 2 x 25 watt amps and a pair of Focal Polyglass 100CV1 full range speakers.

An optional extra is Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to stream music from your phone or PC direct to it with out wires. This feature will set you back another ‚¬149.

Prices for the Thodio iBox start at ‚¬359 for the MDF version and go up to ‚¬549 for a deluxe finish.



Product Page Via: ICTBlog

Spider Pig Speaker and Radio

Pig iPod Speaker
This spider pig can play music through it’s nose. It connects to your PC or iPod and pumps out the music from either device. If you want to use it as a radio then that’s no problem either as it has a built in FM tuner. It’s ears control the volume and radio channel and the pig can be powered by either 4 AAA batteries or USB.

Product Page