Transcend T.Sonic 650 DAP

Transcend T_sonic_650 DAP
The T.Sonic 650 is a new flashed based digital audio player (DAP) which has a capacity of 4GB. The small screen is OLED and the battery life is 15 hours. Compatible formats on the player are MP3, WMA and WMA-DRM10. An interesting feature is VAD which stands for Voice Activation Detection. I assume you shout at the thing to switch it on. For those who still enjoy the radio there is an FM tuner built in. No pricing yet.

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Worlds First MP3 Player

first MP3 Player
MPMan was the worlds first MP3 player which launched in the spring of 1998. Many believe it was the Diamond Multimedia Rio PMP300. The MPMan was made by Saehan and showed up a couple of months before the Diamond. When first launched the MPMan had 32 Meg of memory built in. If you sent it back to the manufacturer along with a cheque for $76.95 they would upgrade that to a 64 Meg player. That doesn’t seem like a lot of memory these days, but at the time it was good to store a couple of albums on. The MPMan measured 91mm x 70mm x 16.5mm which isn’t too bad of a size for the time. It weighed just over 2Oz.


Bluetooth Sports Helmet

A helmet may not be everyone’s favourite thing to wear when doing sports, but they can save your life. This new helmet has Bluetooth built in which allows you to connect your iPod up to it to listen to music wirelessly. It has 2 built-in speakers which fit over your ears. On the iPod (or other music source) side you attach a Bluetooth transmitter to the headphone socket and hit play. Once all connected up you are good to go.

The helmet costs $300 and is available from Hammacher.

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iPod Touch Armband

iPod Touch Armband
This sport armband has a space so you can squeeze in your iPod touch while you are out for a run. The protective case keeps it firmly in place to prevent it falling. The F8Z223-MBL armband is made by Belkin and weighs just .2 lbs and costs $19.99.

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MP3 Toilet

MP3 Toilet
MP3 players are now arriving in all sorts of shapes and sized. One I came across today is an MP3 Toilet. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) it is not an actual musical toilet. Rather, it’s a device which works with your toilet. The MP3 player is SD memory card based to allow you to quickly update the music. The player attaches to a wall near the toilet and there is a receiver which goes under the seat. I have yet to work out what exactly that “receiver” does although it could be there to just sense when someone is there.

I have no idea where you can get this although if you flew out to Japan today I have no doubt that you would find it.

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iPod USB Turntable

The iPod USB Turntable is an MP3 converting device with an iPod dock attached. It allows you to play records at 33 1/3 rpm or 45 rpm and record the music direct to the docked iPod. The dock is compatible with 5th Gen iPods or 2nd Gen Nano’s. The turntable it’s self is a belt driven device with anti-skating control. Also an output is provided allowing you to play your old vinyl records to a stereo system. USB support is also provided allowing you to create MP3’s from your vinyl rather then recording them right on to the iPod.

The iPod USB turntable costs $260.

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For those of you with an entertaining streak running through you, check out the iKaraoke which is designed to be attached to the bottom docking port on your iPod. It allows you to sing along to the latest tunes you just downloaded, or to sing out loud through your iPod playing over loud speakers. All you need now is some funky words displaying across the screen and you have a fully fledged pocket sized karaoke player.

It costs $44.99 and is available from Target.

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OL-18H PMP features Magic Mirror technology

The OL-18H from Ocean Leader Development has what they call a Magic Mirror technology for it’s screen. This makes a way for the screen to disappear when not in use. The screen is a 1.8 inch TFT and the device can play many a format such as MP3, MP4, AVI, MPV as well as other formats. Details on pricing are not given.

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Kenwood Media Keg MP3 Player

The Media Keg from Kenwood now has 2 more models to choose from. These are the GD55 and GD50 which have a 4 line OLED screen. Storage on these MP3 players goes up to 2GB which also can work as mass storage. The battery can power the device for 21 hours which is sufficient for most people. They do look like a nice pair of MP3 players and well worth checking out.

Prices start from around $130.

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