Wireless Power

Wireless power has been on my “want” list for a long time. I imagined just being able to put something in a room and it some how gets power. This is now becoming a reality. When you look behind the TV you always see a mass of electrical cables, ariel’s and other cables. Networking is becoming wireless, so these wires have been removed almost. However, there is a mass supply of power leads ranging from yout TV, DVD player, VCR, Cable box, Networking and sometimes others too. Over the last year or so we have seen mobile phone chargers that work by placing the phone on it. This new system takes it a step further by being able to charge devices over a distance away of many metres.

The system is just theory now and has not been built yet. With the help of computing power they believe it will work. It works using resonance which causes an object to vibrate when a certain frequency is applied. What this means is that anything compatible in a room will automatically charge such as a laptop you are working on can be kept powered by this resonance.

It seems like we truly can become wireless eventually.

Via: BBC News

PS3 Harddrive Upgrade

PS3 Upgrade
More PS3 news. Someone has performed a drive upgrade and they show how easy it is too. It probably will void the warranty, but it’s still cool to do if needed. The drive is a laptop type 2.5″ SATA drive.

PS3 Upgrade
More pictures can be found at the link below.

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Epson Endeavor NJ1000

Epson Laptop
Epson have launched a low spec laptop which falls in to the budget laptop price range. The Endeavor NJ1000 features a 15 inch display, Celeron M 410 processor, 256Mb RAM, 40Gb drive and a CD rom. This will sell for around 550 dollars. The model is upgradable to a Core 2 Duo T5500 processor, a lot larger hard drive and a DVD burner. No price on that, but I can tell you it will be higher then 550 dollars 😉

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Kohjinsha SA1F00A ultra-portable

Kohjinsha SA1F00A
I came across the SA1F00A today at Engadget and it caught my attention right away. It’s an ultra portable laptop with a screen that’s just 7″. Impress’ PC have given it a full review and it seems the size of the thing was what impressed them most.

The processor is a 500MHz AMD Deode LX800 although it does still allow for 5 hours of battery power. It also has a built in 40GB HDD.

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MTI Fuel Cell Prototypes Delivered – Mobion

Fuel Cell Mobion Mobion Fuel Cells
MTI have been working hard on Fuel Cell power. Fuel Cells can power portable devices for longer and do not require plugging in to recharge. To power a laptop for example, you just fill the cell with methanol and you are good to go for 2 to 10 times longer then the current rechargable batteries. The new prototypes were recently shipped to Samsung to integrate with small electronic devices such as mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.

Mobion power packs are based on direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology which they expect about 22% of portable devices will be using bu 2011.

What are the benefits?
As mentioned already, power can be supplied via a fuel cell for 2 – 10 times longer then current rechargeable batteries. Also there is no waiting time to charge the fuel cell. You just top it up and away you go. This will allow the frequent traveller to not have to worry about power cords and battery life on a plane for example.

Mobeon has a number of patents from recent research (85 to be exact) which have helped it acheive a mile stone in this technology.

“At the core of Mobion® technology is its unique approach to managing water that is produced by the chemical reaction at the cathode, and required for the chemical reaction at the anode. Traditional DMFCs rely on complex water management micro-plumbing, whereby water that is produced at the cathode is collected, re-routed and mixed with incoming methanol at the anode. The Mobion® technology architecture uses a proprietary approach which manages the water flow internal to the fuel cell without the need for this complex micro-plumbing.”

Samsung will be utilising mobion technology for feature rich mobile video and audio can be added. This will also include more powerful 3D, mobile satellite TV streaming video which will consume more power.

It seems like Fuel Cell technology has come a fair way since just a few months back when Toshiba unvelied their plans to work with it for powering laptops. Hopefully we will be seeing fuel cell technology hitting the market and powering our more powerful devices for even longer.

Via: MTI

Turntable Laptop Concept

Turntable Laptop
The Turn Table PC is a concept laptop that could very well hit the market in the next couple of years. It has a touch sensative panel on the cover of the laptop to allow you to playback and control music being played on the laptop. The laptop has 5.1 channel surround sound although that is virtual.

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Buslink 64Gb USB Flash Drive

Buslink have created a 64Gb flash drive thats not too cheap. It costs over $5000. This drive provides an easy way to transfer large amounts of files. It can read at 20Mb/s and write at 15Mb/s. The case is a ribbed metal allow and very sturdy.

This is the ultimate in portable storage. I guess the only con right now is the heafty $5k+ price tag. No doubt by next year these will be common place and a lot cheaper! I will be waiting a year or 2 before even thinking about buying one of these.

BusLink 64Gb Flash

The device can plug right in to your PC/Laptop and files can then be transferred right away. It uses the USB mass storage standard.
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Toshiba Battery Recall

Toshiba are now following Apple and Dell and recalling 340000 laptop batteries. They say that the reason is not because of a fire risk but because a small % loose charge. The batteries to be recalled are found in Toshiba’s Dynabook and Dynabook Satellite laptops made between March and May of 2006.


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USB Rechargable Battery

Moxia have come up with a genius idea of making a battery that can be charged via USB. The batter is an actual AA battery with the top part which flips open to reveal the USB connector. Just plug the USBCell in to your PC/Laptop and it will charge. They cost around £12.99 for a pair which is not bad considering you do not need to carry around a battery charger.


The down side of the batteries are that they are not as powerful as rechargeables which are already lower then regular AA batteries. Still, I think this is a good idea and very handy to have a couple of these around in emergencies.

Available in the UK for 12.95 at FireBox

XBox 360 Laptop

For about 2 years I have been visiting BenHeck.com because of his custom made portable gaming system’s he makes. He has custom made many from an Atari 2600 to now an XBox 360. Check out the new laptop below 🙂

The laptop xbox 360 packs a number of things inside it’s relativly small casing such as a HD LCD screen, water cooled custom built radiator. The water cooled radiator allows a smaller form as the heat sinks in the xbox 360 are HUGE.

XBox 360 Laptop

He has added a built in keyboard, wifi and it has a USB connector with 3 ports. The case is made of aluminium. It also has various connectors on the back to connect a variety of other screens if the inbuilt HD wide screen is not big enough for you.

XBox 360 Laptop

XBox 360 Laptop

As always, there are a full set of step by step instructions included in the article.. click here… Enjoy!

Sony DSC-T10

Sony tend to have a habbit of making some great looking devices from the Vaio Laptops all the way to Digital Camera’s. The new Sony DSC-T10 follows down this road and offers very sleek looks. It has a 7 Megapixel CCD, a 3 x Carl Zeiss optical zoom lens. 56Meg RAM and a large 2.5″ display. The camera can also take 250 photos per charge. It will be available later this month for around $400.


Via: TechEBlog

Laptop Stand from Pfeffer Industries

Pfeffer Industries have launched this nice looking laptop stand. It is made from clear plastic and is available in 3 sizes. To make the stand look crisp they use a laser cutting device. Small pads are included which stops the stand from sliding while using your notebook and the stand can be adjusted to optimise the viewing angle.

Only 1 real downside is the lack of ventilation on the device. A few holes would be good to let that hot air out the bottom of your laptop.


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