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MTI have been working hard on Fuel Cell power. Fuel Cells can power portable devices for longer and do not require plugging in to recharge. To power a laptop for example, you just fill the cell with methanol and you are good to go for 2 to 10 times longer then the current rechargable batteries. The new prototypes were recently shipped to Samsung to integrate with small electronic devices such as mobile phones and other portable electronic devices.

Mobion power packs are based on direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology which they expect about 22% of portable devices will be using bu 2011.

What are the benefits?
As mentioned already, power can be supplied via a fuel cell for 2 – 10 times longer then current rechargeable batteries. Also there is no waiting time to charge the fuel cell. You just top it up and away you go. This will allow the frequent traveller to not have to worry about power cords and battery life on a plane for example.

Mobeon has a number of patents from recent research (85 to be exact) which have helped it acheive a mile stone in this technology.

“At the core of MobionĀ® technology is its unique approach to managing water that is produced by the chemical reaction at the cathode, and required for the chemical reaction at the anode. Traditional DMFCs rely on complex water management micro-plumbing, whereby water that is produced at the cathode is collected, re-routed and mixed with incoming methanol at the anode. The MobionĀ® technology architecture uses a proprietary approach which manages the water flow internal to the fuel cell without the need for this complex micro-plumbing.”

Samsung will be utilising mobion technology for feature rich mobile video and audio can be added. This will also include more powerful 3D, mobile satellite TV streaming video which will consume more power.

It seems like Fuel Cell technology has come a fair way since just a few months back when Toshiba unvelied their plans to work with it for powering laptops. Hopefully we will be seeing fuel cell technology hitting the market and powering our more powerful devices for even longer.

Via: MTI

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