Buslink 64Gb USB Flash Drive

Buslink have created a 64Gb flash drive thats not too cheap. It costs over $5000. This drive provides an easy way to transfer large amounts of files. It can read at 20Mb/s and write at 15Mb/s. The case is a ribbed metal allow and very sturdy.

This is the ultimate in portable storage. I guess the only con right now is the heafty $5k+ price tag. No doubt by next year these will be common place and a lot cheaper! I will be waiting a year or 2 before even thinking about buying one of these.

BusLink 64Gb Flash

The device can plug right in to your PC/Laptop and files can then be transferred right away. It uses the USB mass storage standard.


High performance 20/ 15 M/Sec read/write;
Password protection option;
Small and lightweight design for easy portability;
Compliant with USB Hi-Speed standard with up to 480Mbits/sec data rate, 40 times faster than USB 1.1;
Supports up to 128 devices on the USB bus;
Easy Mac and Windows plug and play, supports hot plugging and dynamic reconfiguration;
USB Mass Storage Device class compatible;
Write protect switch to prevent accidental erasure;
Bus-powered, no external power needed;
Low power consumption in active and suspend mode;
Support Advanced Power Management functions;
Solid State Flash memory with 10 years (typical) data retention;
Durable, shock resistant, longer life for your data;
NAND Flash Solid State memory;
Insertion endurance: 5000 cycles (Min);
Data retention: 10 years (typical).

Via: CDW

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