Sony Blu-Ray VAIO Laptop AR Model

Sony have launched a new laptop which includes a Blu-Ray drive. The small Sony monsters screen is 17″ and capable of 1,920 x 1,200 WUXGA+ on an XBrite Display. It includes 200Gb storage space, 2.0Ghz Duo Core processor and weighs just 8.4 pounds. The Blue-Ray drive is writeable at 1x speed which isnt exactly great, but this is the first in it’s class… so you cant really complain at that one! Unfortunatly the battery life is a mere 2 hours which isnt good at all. However, this laptop is a good step forwards and will open doors to others following.


Toshiba Tecra M7-117

Toshiba are launching the new Tecra M7-117 model which sports a dual core processor running at 1.83Ghz. The M7-117 is a tablet PC running Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005. The standard RAM is 512Mb which is upgradable to 4Gb (DDR2 533Mhz) and has an 80Gb drive.

The tablet comes with all the standard features such as Wifi, bluetooth and a lot more.

Other new Tecra M7 products can be pre ordered through the link below.
TECRA M7-S7331 T2400 1.83G 1024MB 100GB DVDRW 3YR XPT


Full specs can be found at

Matrox Box – 3 Screens

Using 2 or more monitors on your PC can increase productivity. Have you ever wanted to copy data from a spreadsheet in to a word document and you get fed up of minimizing one window to see the other. Having 2+ screens can help. I use 2 screens at home and run email on 1 screen and terminal services etc… and browse the internet on the other screen. This offers a great improvement to my productivity allowing me to work on a system while following notes on another screen.

Matrox have introduced a $300 TripleHead2Go device which increases the “real estate” in front of you. You set the resolution on your laptop or PC to higher and then plug your output in to the box and the box in to 3 19″ Flat Panel Displays (no doubt for $300 you only get the TripleHead2Go box). This gives you a combined resolution of 3840×768 which is far better for spreading your windows about on your computer. Also note that it all acts just like one big desktop and if you want a window over on the right you just drag it to the right like you would on a single screen setup.

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More Fuel Cell Stuff – The UltraCell XX25

UltraCell XX25 information has been revealed recently by GizMag. The claim is that the Fuel Cell can power a ruggedized laptop for 3 days and with a few tweaks it can run survailence computers for longer. The XX25 has been tested to military spec standards from heavy vibrations, extreme weather temperatures etc…

What I like about FuelCell technology is that you can replace the cartridges quickly for cheap and have instant power again. FuelCells are going to be a great way forwards.


Samsung Q35

Now this does look good and the price is not too shabby either. Samsung have made this uo core processer the smallest in the world as of the 13th June 2006. The laptop has a widescreen and also a 5 in 1 card reader which comes very handy for digital cameras and such.

The price of the device is less then £1000 which is a good price for something so small and portable.


Asus W3J 14-Inch Duo Laptop

The new Asus W3J core duo centrino laptop weighs in at just 4lbs and puts it’s self in the ultra portable catagory of laptops. The Asus has a 14 Inch screen, a core duo processor and boasts 1GB DDR2 RAM with an ATI mobility Radeon X1600. Bluetooth 2.0 is included and is made from a brushed metal type case. Sounds very swish!


Sony Vaio TX3

Sony have released information on their new ultra portable Vaio range of laptops know as the TX3 series.

They will be priced around the $2000 price range, sport many goodies packed in like BlueTooth, Wifi, TV Tuner and more and all that packs in to just a 1 inch think case. Not bad!! Sony have always impressed me with how small they can make things.

The Laptop comes with an 11.1″ wide screen display which I assume will be the nice x-black type.

One other great piece of news is that the battery now lasts around 7.5 hours which in the past has been a downfall of Sony. 10 hours is excellent though and will cover some serious travel between charges.

Fuel Cells… The way forwards?

Fuel Cells seem to be in the news more often these days. They are set to become the replacement for the laptop battery for 1 example. Currently they are bulky and a little too large to be convenient for laptop users… but no doubt in a years time they will shrink them in size and manage to get fuel cells in to the laptop instead of being a huge bolt on like the picture below. Some of the main brands around the world are building these trying to come up with the ideal power source. Tosiba (photo below), and Casio are both running in this game. Casio stated back in 2002 they wanted to use Fuel Cell technology to power laptops for around 20 hours at a time.

Toshiba Fuel Cell

Instead of storing power, fuel cells generate electricity by breaking down methanol via an electrochemical process. In the Toshiba version there is a compartment to put the methanol cartridge in (looks like a printer cartridge) and this gives instant power at the push of a button. Great for long journeys… no charging is needed. Just fill up the cell and away you go. Toshiba say the cell will give around 10 hours of power to a laptop.

Toshiba already are in talks with companies to shrink down some of the components needed like the pump and other parts. They want to get this out with in the year to a more acceptable size and with the goal in mind of putting the fuel cell where the battery goes for ultimate portability.

Apple is moving ALL laptops to Intel

Apple has introduced the new MacBook laptop which is set to replace the current iBook series. All models of the MacBook will be rolled out with Intel processors. The 13-inch widescreen MacBooks feature Intel Core Duo chips, with prices starting at $1099.

Apple are attempting to cash in on the student market by rolling these out ready for the new school year, therefore they should be available by September 2006.

MacBooks available here.