Steam Powered Charger

This iPod or mobile phone charger is perhaps the most unique I have ever come across. Rather then using a traditional wall socket, or solar panels this one uses a small steam engine to create power to charge the device.

The Steam Powered Charger is attached to a Lego Technic Motor. The steam engine is a Jensen #75 that has the prime responsibility of getting the Lego motor to turn. A 5V regulator circuit is attached to this which is home to a female USB connector. All you simply do is attach your USB chargeable device to the USB connector and get the steam engine moving.

You have to admit that this is one very unique way to charge your USB powered gadgets 🙂 One last note. Check out the Lego man and his mini control centre. (More photos follow the video).

Via: SteampunkWorkshop and Gadgetlite




  1. Mike MacDonald says

    Mathew —–You are brilliant ! Next step, a small efficient Hydroxy cell also driven by the steam engine, the Hydrogen and Oxygen used to heat the boiler and you have over unity! 🙂



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