Lego Nintendo DSI Created

Sean Kenney, an artist, has created a cool looking Nintendo DSI… out of Lego.

The project took over 200 hours to design and build. It was made up of 51,324 bricks and is on the large side. It’s not quite the 65000 bricks of the Lego Space Shuttle, but still I do have to say it’s brilliant!

The Lego Nintendo DSI is currently on display at the Nintendo World store in New York (Rockerfeller Center). Check out the video below of how it was made.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets


  1. CanneryCasinoAndHotel says

    very cool idea for the people of Lego.

  2. who created the D.S.I.

  3. G Ross
    E vil
    E ratting
    K iller stuppiditey

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