Nintendo Gameboy XP PC

Nintendo Gameboy XP PC
If you think back a good 15 years you will remember the Nintendo Gameboy hitting the shelves. Like me, you had to get your hands on this cool handheld gaming device. Before the Gameboy was launched I was used to game and watch LCD type games. Having the ability to play different games was something that amazed me. I seem to remember the gameboy cost 69.99 pounds with Tetris although ours was free as my sister won it in a packet of crisps.

Anyway, I came across this Gameboy today which has been hacked apart and fitted with a fully fledged PC inside its case. It has a VGA port, 2 USB ports and runs from a 4GB compact flash card which can boot in to Windows XP. No screen is included, but we assume that you use the USB ports for connecting a mouse and keyboard. More pictures after the jump.

This is a cool little idea for those who still have an old Nintendo Gameboy sitting around your house somewhere. Although a UMPC would be more desirable to my self, the idea of having your PC running XP squeezed inside a Gameboy seems like a fun way to go.

Nintendo Gameboy XP PC Flash

Nintendo Gameboy XP PC Side

Nintendo Gameboy XP PC USB
Original Via: PlasticBamboo

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