iPhone Hacks – What do you want to see


iPhone is coming today! What iPhone Hacks do you want to see?

After several months of waiting, the iPhone will be launching at 6pm tonight in the US. Wired put out the question today about iPhone hacks and what people want to see should they want more from their expensive iPhone. Suggestions such as Skype, MP3 ring tones, Instant Messaging, iPod and Internet without a phone plan and quite a few more have been mentioned. No doubt we will see an ongoing battle between the hackers and Apple like we do with the PSP and homebrew. Hopefully some decent apps can come out for the iPhone to make it in to an even more useful device. The collection of all programmers and Apple could make the good even better.

So what do you want to see extra on the iPhone? For me it would be Skype and also the ability to buy it just for the video/audio and internet side of things. I must admit that you guys in the US are paying a hefty price for this device. I hope to see it reduced in price when it hits the UK, but I can also see it costing around the 400 – 500 GBP mark which is way more then the 500 – 600 USD the US are paying.

Via: Wired


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