Military-grade Password Protection

Passwords for most are a serious matter. We all have some kind of password to protect something. With hackers getting more advanced we often find the need to run more complicated passwords and change them each month. With this in mind the Mandylion Manager has been released which promises military-grade password protection. The device costs just $49.99 and can store up to 50 login passwords, combinations, codes and what ever else is needed. The device also has the ability to generate passwords on specific criterea set by systems. The password length can be up to 14 charachters long. Each password is stored in permanent memory that is tamperproof. Should the battery also die then the passwords are still safely stored.

If you manage a number of servers like me, or have a ton of passwords that are just too complicated to remember then this device is for you. The question needs to be asked…. what protects the password from being accessed? There are 5 buttons on the device and a sequence of these buttons needs to be pressed to access your passwords. As long as you remember that 1 sequence of button presses then you are good to go.

* Manages up to 50 login records simultaneously
* Generates cryptographically strong passwords
* Complies with all DoD, Govt. & Industry Password Security Policies
* Multiple tamper-resistant features and lockout alarms
* Manages Root and Group passwords
* Cradle connection via USB
* Kit containing: token, a configuration cradle, Policy Master Configuration Software
* Dimensions: Approx. 2.5″ x 1.5″ x .375″ (65mm x 45mm x 10mm)
* One-year warranty

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