SimCity 5 Announced

SimCity 5 has been announced and confirmed by EA and Maxis. The new game is set to launch in 2013 and will be a single and multiplayer game.

The game will run on what is called the GlassBox engine and will bring extreme detail to the game not previously seen. Although the screenshot below is taken from the demo video, there is a footnote towards the end saying “Images not representative of gameplay” so keep that in mind while the renderings blow your mind.

The new version of the game is going in to a lot more detail than previously seen and games played within the Sim World can impact on what other cities people are running around the world. If you have two neighbouring cities that have a power outage, you and someone else online can work together to build a new power plant to solve a power issue.

Individual players will have the ability to shape the world for better or worse. One example shared on the video is of an industrial city that pollutes the water and causes an explosion that knocks out power. Both islands (connected together by a bridge) then co-operate to fix the problem.

The game goes in to even more finer details with each Sim having a job with decisions (or bad decisions) being made effecting a whole region or country.

The SimCity website with more details can be found over here.

Take a look at the demo below which is followed by some commentary by a couple of people who work on the game:


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