Sega Genesis Mini 2 Coming Soon

The Sega Genesis, or Mega Drive for us lot in the UK, was a console I grew up with in my teen years. I got mine as a Christmas gift I think in 1991. I got the version with Sonic the Hedgehog rather than the one that launched with Altered Beast.

Moving on 30 years, a new retro console is launching called the Genesis Mini 2. It becomes available on October 27 and is available for pre-order now for North America. More details of it can be found here.

Those of us in Europe will also be able to get hold of the Mega Drive Mini 2, although pre-orders are not open for that until September 2.

The Mini 2 is a little different and comes in a more compact design based on the Genesis Model 2. It also comes with the newer 6-button controller rather than the original 3-button controller. Those of you with the controllers from the original Mini launched in 2019 will also welcome that those controllers are compatible with the Mini 2.

For a list of all games that come with the Mini 2, check out this link. Reading over the list brings back some good memories of Final Fight, Ecco the Dolphin, Desert Strike, Golden Axe II, Populous, as well as many more. Some of my favourites include Shadow Dancer, Streets of Rage 3, Street Fighter 2, The Revenge of Shinobi. I could go on for hours.