Retrode 2 Lets you Play SNES and Genesis Games on a PC

The Retrode 2 is a device that lets you connect up your old SNES and Genesis games to a PC and play them. What makes this device great is that it is capable of reading the data from the cartridges and then loading it up in an emulator on the PC. As well as being able to read the games it also has a couple of ports for each console allowing you to connect up 2 SNES and 2 Genesis controllers. The controller information is then passed through the Retrode 2 on to the emulator.

The main problem with it is that it does require an emulator to run, so depending on your PC config and the emulator your mileage might vary as the sounds might be a bit skew and the graphics could occasionally be off. But, you do get to play original games with original controllers which is the only way SNES or Genesis games should be played.

The Retrode 2 is compatible with any OS running any emulator and can connect to any USB host… this essentially means it will work with anything you connect it up to.

Price wise, it’s around $85 depending on where you get it. Shipping is expected to begin in February.

Available here or here (US/EU respectively).


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