SimCity closed beta launches

The next version of SimCity is getting closer. By that, I mean that EA/Maxis has now got the game to a point where they can open it up to a private beta which anyone can register their interest for.

SimCity follows on 10 years after the launch of SimCity 4 and is aimed to bring even more depth to game play. It is based on a new engine called GlassBox that makes the city even more realistic by the use of agents.

Although the game will not be released fully till 2013, those who are eager to test can now register interest over at the SimCity website.

At launch there will be a couple of versions available. A regular version will contain the game which can either be purchased in physical media or via a download. The other option is the Digital Deluxe Edition that will include the French City Set, German City Set and British City Set which means popular buildings will be available from each of those locations.

Multiplayer will be a big part of the game as the will be the first version of SimCity where players can go online (other than the SimCity 2000 online version). The online version will allow a single region to be controlled by a number of online players although a single game option will still be available.

When it launches it will be available on both Windows and Mac OS X.

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