Angry Birds Space coming March 22

Rovio has announced that Angry Birds Space will be getting a multi-platform worldwide launch on March 22. What that means is that the new version of Angry Birds will be launching on iOS, Android, PC and Mac next month. The event will kick off at 3pm for those of us in the UK.

Rovio describes the new version of the game as a “completely new game with innovative new gameplay”.

What is interesting to see are the videos below which indicate that a new style of Angry Birds might be coming. We might be just looking too deep in to this, but there’s a hint at an element of 3D for the game, particularly as seen in the second game. The March 22 launch might also fall in line with the iPad 3 launch and “might” be one of the first iPad 3 Retina games to launch although that is HIGHLY speculative right now.

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