Sony PS Vita Update Rolls Out Prior to Launch

The PS Vita isn’t on sale until tomorrow (Wednesday) in the US, but already, some users have managed to get their hands on one through various means. Generally, these are competition winners, those who work in the industry or just lucky people who took delivers a little early.

We are now hearing that Sony has a new firmware update available for launch. Those loading up the Vita for the first time have been welcomed by a notification to grab a new update. The new update brings a few new features such as a new Maps app as well as a camera enhancement that now allows the camera on the device to record video.

The PS Vita update is numbered 1.61 and also includes PS Store and Facebook integration. What this does is notifies friends on Facebook that you have purchased a game or other piece of downloadable content.

The launch of the Vita officially kicks off tomorrow in the US.


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