Gran Turismo 5 Update Now Available

Since the launch of Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3, a couple of updates have arrived to fix the odd problem here and there. This new update is rather large though in that it’s a 600MB download and brings a number of new features to the game.

The 600Mb update brings more realism to the game and also adds the GT academy. Seasonal events are now part of the game as well as a new hot car dealer. [Read more…]

Kinect Accuracy Could Quadruple with Firmware Update

We hear today that the Microsoft Kinect could be getting a firmware update that couple potentially quadruple the accuracy of the motion sensing controller.

The update, that Microsoft [MSFT] is working very hard on, aims to switch compression technology so that more data can be passed from the Kinect to the Xbox 360. [Read more…]

Nintendo 3DS Release Date for Europe Could be Announced Next Month

Nintendo will be holding a press conference on January 19th 2011 where it is expected the release date for the Nintendo 3DS will be announced.

The event arrives about a month before the Japanese launch on February 26. When the release date for Japan was announced, the company also said that the European and US release dates would be announced in separate events, which makes us believe this will be the date for Europe. [Read more…]

Gran Turismo 5 Installed to SSD Speeds Up Load Times

One way that you can increase the load speed of Gran Turismo 5 is by installing it to an SSD drive on your PlayStation 3. Some tests were performed with various configurations that revealed load times could be cut in half (from about 40 seconds) right down to about 20 seconds in some cases.

The problem here is for people with a slim Playstation 3. Unfortunately, this isn’t for you. However, if you still own an older fat Playstation 3, then switching out the hard drive for an SSD will help things move along more swiftly. [Read more…]

Xbox Live Rewards Program Now Available

The Xbox Live Rewards program has now launched. The service was first tested a year ago and has now been available to all in the UK and the US.

Joystiq describes it as being like Club Nintendo although you get Microsoft points in return for various things like extending your membership, activating netflix as well as getting points for doing surveys. [Read more…]

Gran Turismo 5 Damage Patch Launching This Month

The boss of Polyphony Digital has mentioned on Twitter that an update is being made available, early in December, for Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3.

The new update is for damage control and will allow users to control in the options menu the amount of mechanical damage caused by crashes.

‘Mechanical damage options will be implemented in a new update for GT5 coming “early December”‘.

[Read more…]

PlayStation Phone Captured on Video

The PlayStation Phone has been spotted over in Greece. The device is said to have a 4 inch screen and run the new Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.

The video, embedded below, doesn’t show the games controller being slid out, but what you do see is a slightly blurry look at someone using the user-interface on the PlayStation phone. The menus look fairly smooth and there’s also a hint of customisation to the UI. [Read more…]

Gran Turismo 5 Hits Number 1 in UK Games Chart

Gran Turismo 5 has landed at the top of the charts in the UK for game sales across all formats (week ending November 27).

With its sales, GT5 has become the sixth largest PS3 launch title to date in this region. The sales of the game increased 6 percent when compared to the launch of Gran Turismo 5 back in 2005.

Check out our Gran Turismo 5 review roundup for full details on the game and how it scores. [Read more…]

Gran Turismo 5 Review Roundup

After a number of years waiting, Gran Turismo 5 has finally launched. Reviews have been positive of the game although there are some problems to be found. Problems we have been hearing, and from our own testing of the game, relates to some of the cars not being finished. Some look amazing inside while others look like they come from an older version of the game. Shadows are also not strong point with lots of jaggedy edges. Other than that, and perhaps a point raised in one review about originality, all looks to be fantastic with the game.

We have created this Gran Turismo review roundup to highlight the best reviews from some of the most respected blogs and review sites around the world. All go in depth with their reviews, so it would be worth you having a good scan through the list to see what they think of the game. [Read more…]

Kinect Doesn’t Require You Actually Play – In One Case

The Kinect controller for Xbox has certainly done very well. It uses an array of cameras to track where you are and track your movements. This data is then used to make you as the controller in various games.

The video clip below shows what happens when you decide not to do anything at all other than sit there… Of course this wont work for all games, but just for fun we thought we’d show it anyway to reveal what games with auto steering (or bouncing off walls) can achieve. [Read more…]

Gears of War for Kinect???

Inspite of it’s massive launch earlier this month and selling millions of units world wide, the funky camera is still receiving a lot of stick from not so eager “hardcore” gamers. They have good reason too. Just taking a quick glance at the titles available at the moment, it seems to be the more casual gamer that will benefit the most from Microsoft’s latest tech with games tending to fall into family/party/minigame/rhythm gaming genres. [Read more…]

Fable 3 DLC Detailed

Microsoft have announced the first DLC to be made available to Fable’s third instalment named the Understone Quest Pack. With this new DLC you’ll have the opportunity to buy new properties such as houses and new shops.

The main quest known as “The Voice”, will have you exploring an a new land found deep underground which was built by a Mr Montague Hummes in trying to hide from the “Spire” noted previously in Fable 2.  [Read more…]