Confirmed: New Wii Remote Plus On It’s Way

In an earlier post, where we spoke about the confirmation for dates and prices for the new Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo also confirmed rumours about a new version of the Wii remote but with no launch details as yet, though we’ll update you when we know more.

This news comes as Sony having just recently released their new Playstation Move and with Microsoft planning on bringing their new motion-tracking peripheral Kinect to us in November.

So this can now be seen as Nintendo’s answer to the market as their latest offering should provide even greater accuracy to level up with that portrayed by Move and Kinect.

As you can see from the picture, the new remote is almost identical to the one we all use at the moment, apart for the “Wii” smile at the base of the controller, that and it comes with 2 new colours in pink and blue.

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  1. It can never become as accurate as the Sony Move, Sony has superior tech to what Wii is doing.
    Not to mention everything about WII is last generation with its horrible graphics and lack of media features.

  2. scarface3010 says

    I love my Playstation Move controller. It’s ergonomically well designed and extremely accurate. The cool thing is that even though the Move is so accurate the software actually assists you at lower difficulties and as you progress the software does less to help you and it’s based more on your actions. What that means is that it can appeal to the casual as well as the hardcore gamer. For instance in sports champions I can play table tennis… against a novice player but I can set my difficulty to hard and they can set theirs to an easier one and we could play together fine. I think it’s the perfect device. Wii doesn’t allow two players of different levels to play together evenly matched as Move does.

  3. Nintendo set the bar and granted, Sony has jumped it, but come on; it was expected. Sony have had the best part of four years to observe the competition and come out with their own device. I doubt any Wii owner will argue their machine has superior technology so it’s fairly pointless exercise pointing that out. The Wii has achieved what it set out to do; to disrupt the market and make people think differently about gaming. Nintendo are always raising the bar and the fact that Sony and Microsoft have brought out their own “Wii-like” alternatives is proof of that. If the saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” then consider Nintendo truly flattered:
    The D-pad
    Shoulder buttons
    The analogue stick
    4 Multi-player ports as standard
    Touch-screen gaming
    Motion control

    All of the above, Nintendo was their first, and the competitors soon followed. With the 3DS soon to be released in March, something tells me Sony will somehow incorporate 3D into the next PSP. History will repeat itself 🙂

  4. As far as I know, the “Remote Plus” is just a Wii Remote with Motion Plus built in. The Motion Plus accessory has been on the market for a while, and whilst it does improve accuracy it is still nowhere near 1:1 tracking.

    Right now the most accurate and responsive motion controller on the market it PlayStation Move, and Remote Plus won’t change that. It is simply a way to try to make Motion Plus standard on the Wii

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