EA says Sony will trump Microsoft in UK

Yet another bow to add to PS3’s ever-growing quiver and yet another round to continue the ever-growing battle of the consoles… According to the video games publisher EA, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 could be taking a back seat to Sony’s PS3.

A representative (Jens Uwe Intat – EA’s European Senior Vice President) seems to think Sony may not be playing catch-up the Microsoft for much longer. Sales year after year for the PS3 have been below that of the Xbox 360 especially since the PS3 wasn’t released for another year after the launch of the Xbox.

The VP also said that…

“We could certainly see Sony come back – in the UK it’s still a head-to-head competition between PlayStation and Xbox, but on the continent Sony is traditionally stronger than Microsoft.”

EA would obviously be more than happy with this news as they would be able to sell their software to more people.

As reported by T3, a recent survey suggested that Sony’s Playstation Move is on par to do better than Microsoft’s Kinect. This would seem quite reasonable seeing as back in June this year at the end of the quarter, PS3 outsold Xbox 360 by 28% plus a little while back we put up a post talking about the ins and outs of both the Move and Kinect to try and see which could actually triumph over the other, you can read it here.

We’re still hedging our bets to see who really does come up on top this year. But will Sony’s Playstation Move really rake in the sales the customers to out sell Microsoft’s Kinect? Let us know what you think.

Via: T3.com

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