Little Big Planet 2 Delayed Until January 18th

For me, ‘Sackboy’ has become the new mascot for Sony’s PS3. He’s the star of the hugely successful Little Big Planet wherein you were pretty much free to do more or less anything you wanted and allowed you to fully customize you own sack boy (or girl) with a myriad of various costumes from Metal Gear Solid to Killzone 2, from Street Fighter to God of War or even create your own.

In such a short space of time Media Molecule has made Sackboy synonymous with sandbox action/interactivity and level design and now, the long-awaited Little Big Planet 2 is soon on our door steps, though unfortunately we are going to have to wait a little bit longer. The game that was originally set for a November release, has now been slated for January 18th 2011.

Media Molecule said it has…

“taken the hard decision to delay the worldwide release,” and further adding… “We’ve agreed to allow ourselves a bit more time to deliver the experience that our great fans and community deserve.”

With the great reviews that the first user-generated content game received, Little Big Planet 2 has some big shoes to fill but what’s even more exciting is that this next instalment will allow for the Playstation Move to make its mark on the game and should allow for even greater interactivity. We look very forward to what’s in store come January 18th.

Here’s some game-play footage to wet your taste buds…


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