Recycled Harddrive Clock

recycled-hard-drive-clockA bunch of random clocks can be found all over the web. We have written about a lot of them here at gadgetvenue. This latest is hacked together using an old harddrive. [Read more…]

Transformers Watch

transformers-watchIf your a fan of transformers then check out this watch. The transformers watch is built by Tomy and will be released soon. [Read more…]

The Astrolabe Watch

astrolabe_watch_closeupThis watch looks simply amazing. It is named the Astrolabe Watch and was designed after the original Astrolabe from many many years ago. The original Astrolabe was created back in 160BC and was used for something along the lines of calculating where stars and the sun is by using mathematics. This watch version is a slimmed down version of this device. [Read more…]

POV Clock

povclockThe POV (persistence of vision) clock is an amazing looking wall clock which uses a bank of LED’s which rotate around so fast that the image created looks like a solid image. The spinning blade which contains the LED’s can display in red, green and blue making it possible to get full colour images. [Read more…]

Space Invaders Alarm Clock

space-invaders-alarm-clockSpace invaders is a classic game that many of you will remember. This clock (the Space Invaders Alarm Clock) allows you to be woken up by an alien invasion each morning. [Read more…]

Sudoku Watch

sudoku-watchSudoku is a game I am not in to my self although I have played it a couple of times. The idea behind the game is to get unique numbers across the rows and columns of a board. This watch is designed around that game and has a Sudoku board on it’s face. [Read more…]

Exposed Flip Clock

exposed-flip-clockA number of ways of telling time are available such as a sun dial, pendulum clock, digital clocks and watches. The latest clock to appear is the Exposed Flip Clock which looks extremely unique as it’s innards are exposed for all to see. [Read more…]

Slide Rule Clock

slide-ruleA Slide Rule was a gadget used back in the 50’s if I remember correctly and was basically an old fashioned calculator which you slide the rulers around to work out complex equations. The Slide Rule clock is basically a modern version of the slide rule that is now used to tell the time. [Read more…]

Verbarius Clock – A Simple Clock

verbarius_clockThe Verbarius clock makes telling time simple. It’s the exact opposite of Tokyo Flash watches which require a degree in maths to tell the time. The Verbarius simply tells you what time it is like “midnight” or “four-forty-five”. [Read more…]

Super Fast Clock

worlds_fastest_clockThis Super Fast Clock claims to be the fastest clock in the world. You might be thinking to yourself that clocks should all be the exact same speed… and this one is no different. What makes it the fastest is that it can track time to a millionth of a second. [Read more…]

Time Flys with My Sports Clock

my_sports_clockThe My Sports Clock range of alarm clocks are perfect for the person who needs to express anger at his alarm. The clocks are built and padded out as sports balls which can be chucked against a wall to switch them off. [Read more…]

Wi-Fi Detecting Watch

wifi-watchThe Wi-Fi detecting watch does exactly what it says on the tin… It detects Wi-Fi signals. This might not be too useful to those with wi-fi smartphones, but for those not wanting to whip out their laptop every time they need a Wi-Fi signal, this is ideal. [Read more…]