Recycled Harddrive Clock

recycled-hard-drive-clockA bunch of random clocks can be found all over the web. We have written about a lot of them here at gadgetvenue. This latest is hacked together using an old harddrive.

The clock has engraved numbers of the front and the whole thing hangs from a wooden frame.

This hard drive has engraved on its inside edge the very day it was made Dec-4-1987. however theres no telling the day this old drive died. the hard drive was far bigger than any other hard drive ive found. its magnetic disk now delicately hand engraved with numbers is a little over five inches wide, a full inch and a half larger than the common hard drive disks we now use. the reading arm on the disk still swings up and down and the pin against it spins as it swings.

You can pick one of these up from Etsy.

Product Page Via: Geeky-Gadgets


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