LaserMotive Laser Powered Quadrocopter Hovers for 12 Hours

The picture above shows an unmanned quadrocopter built by Ascending Technologies. The quadrocopter was built in partnership with LaserMotive and is powered by Laser.

To get it to work, the underside of the quadrocopter was fitted with photovoltaic panels that provide energy to the machine when lasers are fired at it. By keeping a constant beam on the underside the quadrocopter was able to fly for 12 hours unmanned.

Although the quadrocopter just hovered and didn’t achieve any rolls or anything fancy, it still shows where wireless power could be headed. The military could make use of this by keeping drones in the air by shining lasers on the underside of them for example.

The video below shows the unit in action although it doesn’t show too much in depth. You literally just see it hovering for a few moments.

Via: Popsci

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