Worlds Biggest RC Helicopter

Worlds-Biggest-RC-HelicopterThe helicopter you are looking at here is a replica of the Mil Mi-24 GunShip helicopter. According to GizmoWatch it’s the largest RC helicopter in the world.

The real helicopter measures 56’9″ x 70’5 x 21’4″, has a fully armoured cockpit that’s protected by bulletproof glass and has a speed of 208mph with a 99 mile range. Check out the video after the jump.

Unfortunately I am unable to track down the specs for this little/large beauty…


  1. Go Doodads says

    Wow That’s really huge! Mine heli I think is 5 times smaller than that!

  2. That is big. Is it hard to control?

  3. Fantastic ! So smooth no shudder. Total low speed control I just love it. I’ve seen so many high speed antics and tricks this is true helo flying. hats off to you. I’ve spent years trying to do this. Well done

  4. alex grinsk says

    wow that a big helicopter ….
    the noise like real one

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  6. Hi
    It’s the best RC helicopter i’ve seen
    it’s beautifull and great
    where can know more abouth this stuf for example: Fuel tank capacity, HP engine or Flying Speed and flying time and other details?
    where can I buy one of them?
    Can some one email me?

  7. jose luis says

    Model Magnifico
    It is the best RC helicopter that I have seen
    is nice and big, worth its weight in gold
    some information where you can learn more about this abouth Stuf for example, the fuel tank capacity, the HP engine or flight speed and flight time and other details?
    Where I can buy one?
    Can someone send me an email?

  8. That’s one smooth heli. Love to try it for myself.

  9. Im sorry but the measurements givin are 56’9″ x 70’5 x 21’4″ thats the size of the real Mi-24 gunship the helo in the pic looks about 7′ long it would still be cool to fly it though.

  10. Yeah……Shizzy…….that’s why they said the REAL helicopter had those measurements.

  11. Salil Kumar Roy says

    Excellent, Its sound is like real Mi-24 Gunship. Flying nicely like real helicopter. Really enjoyed to view the video clip, Thanks.

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