Flyro Gyro

flyro-gyroThe Flyro Gyro is a toy which can be thrown about 100 feet. Thanks to a gyroscopic stabilizer built on the front the flyro gyro flys very well when you chuck it across a field.

When throwing the flyro you need to flick the wheel. The faster you spin the gyro the further the flyro will fly.

With its gyroscopic stabilizer wheel and unique shape, this wacky triumph of aeronautical design will make your old Frisbee seem about as entertaining as a ball of scrunched up toilet paper.

To fly the Flyro Gyro you slide your index finger between the gyro wheel and the plane and when throwing you let thegyro roll off your finger to get it spinning. See the image below for a better representation of what I mean…


Available at Firebox for £9.99.

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