Robosapien RS Media

Robosapien RS Media
The Robosapien RS media has landed. It has had a nice new refit too and now is more butch looking then ever before. The new Robosapien is a great new robot with built in media capabilities. What ads to this new robosapien is also it’s personality editing software and can now be directly or automatically interacted with. It is aware of the owner and environment. This robosapien boasts a colour screen right in it’s chest. He has speakers in his armour and a camera built in to his head.

Using software provided you can download or transfer the data direct from your PC to the robosapien via USB or an SD Memory card. You can look at photos, watch movies, play games or blast out music. To add to this, you can program the robosapien to dance for you. Fancy that hey! You can do this by using the PC software to control the robosapien in 3D on screen and then download it to him. Voice files can be syncronised also. This sounds like the ultimate toy for both children and adults this coming Christmas.

Robosapien Robosapien RS

Robosapien interacts with the environment around. He has sight, sound and touch sensors as well as speech response. He can recognise colours and tones on your skin. He can track moving objects with IR vision. Definatly a cool toy to pick up.

Available from IWOOT. Click here to Buy Now.

* The evolved version of the superb Robosapien V2.
* Personality editing software.
* 3D Animation Creator PC programme.
* Humanoid body movements including bipedal walking and gripping fingers.
* Autonomous and direct interaction with its owner and other robot companions.
* A full colour LCD display on his chest.
* The LCD screen displays his operating status as well as movies, photos and MP3 information.
* Speakers in his armour and a woofer on his back.
* A head-mounted camera.
* Infrared vision enabling him to track moving objects, and avoid obstacles.
* Colour vision so he can even recognise colours and skin tones.
* Sight, sound and touch sensors.
* Speech response.
* Sleep and auto shut-off function.
* A line-in/USB compartment.
* An SD compartment.
* By visiting and you can download additional personality files and create your own voice, action and sound files via USB and Memory Card.
* Suitable for ages 8 years+.
* Requires 6 x D Cell and 4 x AA Batteries for the robot and 3 x AA Batteries for the remote.
* Size: 54 x 34 x 25cm.

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