Sony Camera Recall

Eight models of Sony digital cameras are being recalled due to a defect in the LCD screens on some of the cameras. The problem is to do with an image sensor which has a glitch and causes pictures to not be displayed correctly. Currently there is no indication of how many cameras have this defect. Good news is that if your camera in the range listed below has this problem then you can send it in for repair and they will do this for free.

The recall is for the following cameras… DSC-F88, DSC-M1, DSC-T1, DSC-T11, DSC-T3, DSC-T33, DSC-U40 and DSC-U50.

Via: BBC


  1. Ray Marangosian says

    My soni Digital Camera DSC T33 fail to perform 80 times over 100 pictures. The pictures are dark, blurred.What a shame for such an elegant Camera.
    Is there any solution?
    I would like to fix it.

  2. Have you tried different settings and adjusting settings for different environments? Also make sure you are on the automatic setting if you are not sure how to manually adjust.

    Also with digital cameras you can hold down the shoot button for a second so that the camera adjusts it’s settings and then press it all the way to take the picture.

  3. sony lies says

    they lie! They will not fix my camera for free! And it is for sure the ccd cell.

  4. What camera is it that you own?

  5. where do I send my sony camera for recall I have the dsc T1? I have a problem with the sensor??

  6. Janet Draudt says

    I have the Sony Digital Still camera model # DSC-P32/P52/P72, When I push the shutter button, I heard a pop, and then a little puff of smoke. I am scared to take a picture! Can anyone help me ASAP?

  7. I am so upset, my sony cam works, turns on and I can even see my pictures..provblem is, It wont let me take anymore, when I adjust it to take a picture, the lens pops in and out like 4 times, then says “turn camera off and on again” and when I do, its doesnt do anything..whats going on!??

  8. Zanita Gonzales says

    I have a Sony DSC T200. When you turn it on it hums and you only have a blur for a picture. It is like the auto focus is vibrating. Where can I have fixed. Love this camera. Have three different cyber shots and this is the first time I have had trouble, still have old swivel screen sony.

  9. Jeff Potter says

    I have a Sony DSC-M1 and the LCD screen has a visible line in the center of it. I just read about this recall. What are the procedures on getting the camera fixed?

  10. I have been around to local camera shope trying to get my Sony DSC T-1 repaired and I was told that the issue with my camera was a very common one. Apparently the sensor is what is wrong with this camera and it sounds like others have expeirenced the same issue.

    I am told that they ahd recalled the product…..does anyone know who or where I would contact to get this resolved??


  11. I am experiencing the LCD problem with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1 camera. This camera is on your recall list, but I do not see any information on how and where to return the camera for free repair. Please send this information. Thank you.

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